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"Wow. Cheating, hook-ups, spousal neglect, brawling, weddings, technological 
unemployment, a dog, fever-dreams, childhood trauma, a centerfold and a stiff.  
What more can we give 'em?"   C. McNamara


Our new CD Ceol DC!


Ceol DC from 40 Thieves - click on the cd cover to go to Apple Music to listen to tracks, or here Ceol DC by 40 Thieves on Apple Music
When New York Was Irish (c) words and music by Terence Winch


The first CD from 40 Thieves

Songs on the CD:
(click on song title to download an MP3 file)

The Devil Made Me Do It (D. Dresser)
NY Girls (Trad.)
When I was Single (Trad.)
Red-Haired Mary (Trad.)
Clowns (D. Dresser)
Man You Don't Meet Everyday (Trad.)
Marie's Wedding (Trad.)
Ferryman (Pete St. John)
Spancill Hill (Trad.)
Galway City (Trad., "Centerfold" by J. Geils))
Tripping Up the Stairs/Morrison's Jug (Trad.)
The Night Pat Murphy Died (Trad.)

Live Tracks
Town I Loved So Well (Phil Colter)
I Know My Love (live) (Trad.)
Sweet Thing (live) (Van Morrison)

CD Artwork
4 panel insert 1
4 panel insert 2
Cover panel
Tray templet
CD templet

Randy's Fiddle Corner:

Fiddle tunes and more coming soon!

40 Thieves Fiddle Tunes

  1. Wandering Minstrel set: Wandering Minstrel and Fasten the Leg In Her jigs
  2. Hell's Reels set: Memories of Father Angus MacDonnell march (from Beolach), Rolling In The Rye Grass reel (from Kevin Burke), Drowsy Maggie reel
  3. Maggie In The Woods polka, Tell Me Ma polka, Off To California hornpipe
  4. Tripping set: Tripping Up the Stairs and Morrison's jigs
  5. Haste to the Wedding set: Haste To the Wedding, Saddle the Pony, Father O'Flynn jigs
  6. I Know My Love jig from Corr's/Chieftains
  7. When New York Was Irish reel (Red Haired Lass) (from Shilelagh Law) When New York Was Irish (c) words and music by Terence Winch
  8. I Know My Love jig from Corr's/Chieftains
  9. Misty Moisty Morning: Intro, reel, from Great Big Sea
  10. Devil Went Down to Georgia: Opening reel, Fire on the Mountain reel

Fiddle tunes:

  1. The Banshee reel
  2. Braes Of Tullymet strathspey
  3. Carolan's Draught song
  4. Cooley's reel
  5. David Rankin's set, Pt 1 David Rankin's strathspey (Jerry Holland),
    David Rankin's Pt 2 Brose & Butter (trad),
    David Rankin's Pt 3 Lala's Jig (Jerry Holland),
    David Rankin's Pt 4 Francis Aucoin jig (Howie MacDonald)
    from Mairi Rankin and Beolach
  6. Drowsy Maggie reel
  7. Flowers of Edinburgh reel/hornpipe
  8. Highlander's jig
  9. Jack O'Tar reel/hornpipe
  10. Killicrankie song
  11. Largo Law strathspey
  12. Liverpool Hornpipe
  13. Maid Behind The Bar reel
  14. Merry Blacksmith reel
  15. Miss McLeod's reel
  16. Mrs MacLeod of Raasay reel
  17. Noon Lassies reel, pt 1 of Irish Group Mountain Lark reel, pt 2 of Irish Group, Touching Cloth reel, pt 3 of Irish Group, Mairi Rankin
  18. Put Me In The Big Chest reel
  19. Red Haired Lass reel
  20. Sailor's Bonnet reel
  21. Salamanca reel
  22. Sally Gardens reel
  23. Sheebeg Sheemore O'Carolan tune
  24. Spootiskerry reel
  25. Swinging on the Gate reel
  26. Temperance reel
  27. Wind That Shakes The Barley reel
  28. Wise Maid reel

Classical Improvs:
  1. Etude 1 from Parkening book, plus improv
  2. Study 1 from Parkening book, plus improv
  3. Etude 2 from Parkening book, plus improv

Original tunes

  1. Sunny Day Jig and Polkas by Randy Latimer

Randy Latimer, guitars, piano, fiddle, May 2012

Randy's Composition Corner:

Original tunes

from the IPad, songs by Randy Latimer May/June 2012

  1. Summer Sand
  2. Prom Night
  3. Fiddle tune 2, May 28 2012
  4. Fiddle tune 1, May 28 2012
  5. Turning Around and Driving Home, June 4 2012
  6. Transit Of Venus, June 5 2012
  7. Road Trip, Top Down, June 6 2012 (no bass vers)
  8. Wyngate, June 11 2012
  9. School's Last Day, June 13 2012
  10. Graduation Day, June 15 2012
  11. Song June 15 2012
  12. Surfing the Midnight Wave June 19 2012
  13. Four Fields, Four Ps June 28 2012
  14. Christmas Closings Openings June 28 2012



Produced by 40 Thieves
Mixed and Engineered by Dave Dresser
Mastered at Golden Sound Studios by
Scott Harlan, Woodbridge VA
Photographs by Mary Dannahey
Cover Design and Images by Allen Muller

A Raisin Ned Production.

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